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PODCAST #335 - Special ROCHELLE TORNADO podcast

April 10th, 2015. Special full-hour show with first-hand witnesses JOHN HANSEN, COLLEEN and MIKE MONFILS and JENNIFER MANNING along with First Warn Weather meteorologist CANDACE KING of the tornado that hit Rochelle, IL on April 9, 2015.

PODCAST #332 of The Michael Koolidge Show

April 3rd, 2015. CHARLES C.W. COOKE from The National Review on his new book "The Conservatarian Manifesto"; Attorney GABRIEL MALLOR from The Federalist explains the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA); combat veteran and police officer CHRIS HERNANDEZ on phoney trauma outrage; SARAH WESTWOOD from the Washington Examiner on some fishy FOIA and tax issues by the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration; and some of ERIK LARSON's interview about his new #1 bestseller "Dead Wake" ~ Subscribe to this podcast at