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Who Is MIKE Koolidge?

Mike Koolidge has dedicated his life to serving his country, and he made his living for 14 straight years giving patriotic Illinoisans and Americans a voice through his top-rated syndicated conservative radio program, The Michael Koolidge Show.

After achieving record numbers of listeners and sponsors, Mike retired from his radio show on his own accord, specifically to step up to serve his country again, running for Congress to represent the 14th Congressional District of Illinois.



THESE are the issues voters are telling us they care about. They are at the forefront of our campaign and will be our priorities as your congressman.

Fighting Inflation

Prices are soaring everywhere, for gasoline, for electricity, our grocery bills...The solutions are clear and Lauren Underwood, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi continue to ignore them.

Keeping Families Safe

Crime is soaring and Democrat-run cities look the other way. We support backing the men and women in blue by funding the police, not hamstringing them.

Securing the Border

Unlike many politicians currently in power, Mike has been to the U.S.-Mexico border and knows that finishing the wall and stopping illegal immigration must be a paramount priority.

Smart Foreign Policy

As a war veteran, Mike understands that AMERICA’s interests and must always be at the forefront of all foreign policy decisions our military and state department makes.

Parents’ Rights in Schools

Parents have a major say in their children’s education and kids should never be indoctrinated into toxic wokeism and divisive political concepts like CRT in the classroom.

Reining in Federal Spending

We are 30+ trillion in debt, and too few are talking about it. Mike will be a leader in the incoming Republican majority's effort to shrink government to its proper size by fighting regulations that businesses, schools, and individuals should be able to determine for themselves.

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With Mike Koolidge For Congress

At the age of 22, Mike raised his right hand and swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution, then served in multiple assignments over six active-duty years, including a year in the combat zone of Kuwait and Iraq. Mike is the only veteran running in this race and is now stepping up to serve his country again, this time running to represent the 14th U.S. Congressional District of Illinois.

All hands are needed on deck to save this great country. Let’s go.