So, about this show . . .

Cities vs. Rural. Small Towners vs. Urbanites. Deep Blue U.S.A. vs. Ruby Red America.

It's a political battle that has heated up in recent years and has transformed the political landscape from a Blue States/Red States division to a Blue COUNTY / Red COUNTY dichotomy.

The Michael Koolidge Show is all about the latter: those who proudly live in communities where neighbors look out for one another, are involved in each other’s lives, and who are more likely to be found at a college football game or a NASCAR race than a snooty wine tasting. TMKS listeners go to church, don't take their political cues and narratives from Big City Coastal Elites, and more than anything else are intensely proud of where they live: both their local community and their country -- the United States of America.

TMKS is a daily two-hour Midwest-based syndicated radio program with a national feel that intentionally and exclusively reaches people in Red County / Rural / Small-Town / Non-Big City America. It has A-list guests and has been topping the ratings books in its largest markets for 10 years. There's no show like it on the radio--add it to your lineup if you want to shake things up and achieve superior ratings and success. 

Producer / Guest Booking:  

 Natalie Fenwick


Associate Producer:  

Mary Frances Kitchens

Associate Producer:  

Sarah Kate Houston


 Doug White  ~  ~  815-234-7980


David Galica  ~  ~  815-754-0505  


Executive Producer / Sales / Owner / Host / Affiliate Relations:

 Mike Koolidge  ~  ~  815-561-7130