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Mid-sized American cities, the exurbs, small towns, rural areas, counties that are colored RED on the giant national voting map. That’s what The Michael Koolidge Show is all about – a show for those who proudly live in what the coastal elites call “Flyover USA.” Flyover USA isn’t just between the coasts – it’s Maine and it’s upstate New York. It’s Northern California and it’s the Jersey Shore. In Flyover USA people watch college football, go to small town parades and go to church. They don't take their political cues and narratives from big city (New York, Washington, DC, LA, San Francisco) elites on who to vote for and what’s “news.” More than anything else, people in Flyover USA are intensely proud of where they live: The United States of America.


The Michael Koolidge Show is a daily 2-hour or 1-hour Midwest-based syndicated radio program with a national feel that intentionally and exclusively reaches people in Flyover USA. The show features A-list guests and has been topping the ratings books in rural, small town and mid-sized American cities for over a decade. 


The Michael Koolidge Show is, proudly, FLYOVER USA.




A former Army captain, ​Mike's Army service took him through the hills of Kentucky, the parachute, drop zones of Georgia, the swamps of Louisiana, the sands and mountains of the Mojave Desert, the windy city of Chicago, and finally to the combat zone of Kuwait and Iraq, serving in the very beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait and Iraq from September 2002 through September of 2003. Mike has a bachelor's degree in political science from Boston University and a master's degree in communication from Northwestern University. He also completed the improvisation, writing and acting programs at The Second City Training Center in Chicago and has performed in dozens of theater and commercial productions. The Michael Koolidge Show, LLC is a unique animal in all of broadcasting. It is 100% boot-strapped and independently-owned, has never once paid stations to air it, makes all its revenue from its outstanding sponsors, and continues to grow every year because the show consistently brings in an audience that gives its clients a superior return on investment. See the advertising page for more information or email and put "advertising" in the subject line.


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