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It’s been disappointing and frankly offensive to hear and read depictions of what life is supposedly like in the “Rust Belt” and what kind of people purportedly live and work here.
I live on the edge of it in northern Illinois (Ogle County, 60 percent for Trump to 33 percent for Clinton), a part of the country that stretches from eastern Iowa through central and northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohi...
The most disappointing thing about the NFL backup-quarterback Colin Kaepernick not-standing-for-the-national-anthem controversy isn’t why he’s doing it, or even the extreme disrespect he’s showing to our flag, our country and yes, our military; it’s the selective appreciation we seem to have about certain viewpoints. Some viewpoints (disrespecting the country, in this case) are apparently okay, so long as in the process they're advocating certain politically...
August 29, 2016 - 
Late last week I called John Elledge, the grandfather of the waitress Sadie Elledge, at his office, and interviewed him for over 10 minutes.
Some key takeaways:
1. He says he first heard about the receipt through his other grandaughter (who works for him at his law office), but it is still very unclear how he physically got his hands on the receipt to take a picture of it, which he uploaded to Facebook.
2. He "doesn't recall" whether he...
There were no issues with the meal, and there were no problems with Sadie’s service to Ada and Tom. Also Tom and Ada were "acting strange," looking down during their meal and not talking with anyone, and didn't speak with any restaurant staff before they left.
This also is not true, as you’ll see in our next post which has to do with a strawberry milkshake.
Tom ordered a strawberry milkshake but was not charged for it...

Ada and Tom did not leave a tip for Sadie.
According to Tom, this is also not true. Tom says he did tip Sadie. Three dollars, in cash, to be exact.
“I took three fiancé decided to pay, and when she pays, I tip, when I pay, she tips...I put three dollars into the little blue billfold that we took up and personally handed to this young lady. But of course they don't show all of that on surv...
This morning I called Jess' Lunch and talked with the manager of the restaurant, Tom Marchese [not to be confused with "Tom" (not his real name) the patron and fiance of Ada].
Three key takeaways:
1. He is the only person on record who has seen the surviellence footage in its entirety from beginning to end.
2. The surviellence footage still exists.
3. His lawyers are handling the controversy about how his restaurant's receipt got photographed an...
Let’s dispel the biggest myth about this story from the get go…
Ada and Tom (the two patrons) were presumably an out-of-town couple, presumably white (because of the “WE DON’T TIP CITIZENS” comment), that had never set foot in Jess’ Lunch previously. They knew no one in the restaurant, and generally ignored the young waitress while they ate silently at the counter during their meal, as if they were disgusted to be served by so...