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5 Messages From Trump Country For Coastal Elites

CLICK HERE To read this piece directly at The Federalist It’s been disappointing and frankly offensive to hear and read depictions of what life is supposedly like in the “Rust Belt” and what kind of people purportedly live...
Tuesday December 6th, 2016

Best way to protest Kaepernick. Don't talk about his issue.

The most disappointing thing about the NFL backup-quarterback Colin Kaepernick not-standing-for-the-national-anthem controversy isn’t why he’s doing it, or even the extreme disrespect he’s showing to our flag, ou...
Monday September 19th, 2016

Some vindication, compliments of The Daily Caller

Blake Neff from The Daily Caller does some actual journalism on the story, which we salute (and yes the piece mentions the work we did here, which he humbly appreciate):  ...
Tuesday August 30th, 2016

Interviewing the Grandfather

August 29, 2016 -  Late last week I called John Elledge, the grandfather of the waitress Sadie Elledge, at his office, and interviewed him for over 10 minutes. Some key takeaways: 1. He says he first heard about the receipt t...
Monday August 29th, 2016


MYTH NUMBER TWO: There were no issues with the meal, and there were no problems with Sadie’s service to Ada and Tom. Also Tom and Ada were "acting strange," looking down during their meal and not talking with anyone, an...
Friday August 26th, 2016


MYTH THREE:  Ada and Tom did not leave a tip for Sadie. TOM & ADA'S SIDE: According to Tom, this is also not true. Tom says he did tip Sadie. Three dollars, in cash, to be exact. “I took three fianc&eacu...
Friday August 26th, 2016

Interviewing the Restaurant Manager

This morning I called Jess' Lunch and talked with the manager of the restaurant, Tom Marchese [not to be confused with "Tom" (not his real name) the patron and fiance of Ada]. Three key takeaways: 1. He is the only p...
Friday August 26th, 2016


Let’s dispel the biggest myth about this story from the get go… MYTH ONE: Ada and Tom (the two patrons) were presumably an out-of-town couple, presumably white (because of the “WE DON’T TIP CITIZENS” comm...
Thursday August 25th, 2016