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Interviewing the Grandfather

Michael Koolidge

August 29, 2016 - 

Late last week I called John Elledge, the grandfather of the waitress Sadie Elledge, at his office, and interviewed him for over 10 minutes.

Some key takeaways:

1. He says he first heard about the receipt through his other grandaughter (who works for him at his law office), but it is still very unclear how he physically got his hands on the receipt to take a picture of it, which he uploaded to Facebook.

2. He "doesn't recall" whether he took a picture of the receipt at the restaurant, or whether he took it back to his law office down the street.

3. On Thursday August 18th (the first time the patrons returned to the restaurant since the original meal) John says that Ada actually told him, crying, to his face, that she didn't write anything on the receipt.

Here is the audio: