Reining In Federal Spending

We’ve never seen government spending like we’ve seen under the Biden Administration. Even with our country TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, the liberal left has tacked on more and more line items to the bill. All of that spending comes straight from your pocketbook in the form of more taxes. We’re on a dangerous path that will collapse our economy, but Mike won’t vote for any bill that increases federal spending until we can honestly review the budget and make cuts. Mike wants to see a booming economy for our country, and that can’t happen if the government is robbing us blind.

Keeping Families Safe

As a conservative voice in Illinois, Mike Koolidge has been to the U.S./Mexico border. He’s spoken with border agents and understands the urgency with which we must address illegal immigrants pouring into our country, making a mockery of our immigration laws. While Democrats are busy working on their multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill, they have done nothing to help finish the wall and provide further security at the border where we need it most. We must send more National Guard troops to our border, finish the wall, and enforce our immigration laws because safety is the top priority for our Illinois families. Similarly, Mike also backs our men and women in blue and will fight to keep them fully funded and resourced so they can continue protecting our neighborhoods.

Election Integrity

Congress has a duty to the American people to hold free and fair elections. There are very few companies and authorities who hold the keys to keeping our election process safe and secure. Mike will push for more transparency for our voting machines and the vendors who make and regulate them. Our machines should be American-made and fully certified according to the highest standards. Every vote should be auditable and completely safeguarded from malevolent hackers.

Ending The Culture Wars

The political grandstanding and the virtue signaling have reached new heights with the rise of culture wars pushed largely by liberal career politicians with a divisive agenda. It’s now its made way into our classrooms and workplaces. Respect for someone’s background and being kind to others are important values for our children to learn and for adults to embody, but that’s not what this narrative is. The current narrative divides us into categories – people with privilege and people who are victims. That is not the America that Mike fought for. Mike will end the political sparring and get down to what really matters – our rights under the Constitution, the duty of government to uphold those rights, and UNITY among all Americans.

Limited Government, More Freedom

Mandates and regulations have ruled the last several months, and politicians on the left have taken it to the extreme. Our government was not built to have the kind of power over our lives that cuts businesses off at the knees, that shuts down entire industries and that kills jobs. Our economy is suffering and families are struggling because politicians can’t let go of the rules and regulations and mandates and red tape. As a true conservative, Mike will shrink government down to its proper size by fighting regulations and mandates that businesses, schools, and companies should be able to determine for themselves.