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There were no issues with the meal, and there were no problems with Sadie’s service to Ada and Tom. Also Tom and Ada were "acting strange," looking down during their meal and not talking with anyone, and didn't speak with any restaurant staff before they left.

This also is not true, as you’ll see in our next post which has to do with a strawberry milkshake.


Tom ordered a strawberry milkshake but was not charged for it. 

During Ada and Tom's meal of two gyro sandwiches, there was a little “gaffe” by their waitress Sadie, according to Tom. He told me that he really didn't take offense to it, but I suspect is the key turning point of this entire episode. (This milkshake is also not brought up in any of the news stories on this, but it's one of the few things of which there is objective evidence.)

Tom had milkshakes at Jess' Lunch in many previous visits and loved them. "They make the absolute best strawberry milkshakes, the old fashioned way, with the long stainless steal cups and everything, the whole routine." After asking for a milkshake, Tom was told by Sadie, however, that they didn't have strawberry milkshakes.” (**Note from the author: I worked in two separate ice cream shops for a total of four years during high school and college and have probably made hundreds of hard ice cream shakes. They are more difficult to make than you'd think, and when one explodes on you during the mixing process it's a total mess, gums of the works of serving customers, and is frankly very embarrassing. So it's not a stretch to envision someone wanting to avoid that task, if necessary).

Tom proceeded to see another patron order a strawberry milkshake, and lo and behold another waitress proceeded to make the other customer a delicious strawberry shake. So Ada says to the other waitress, "Wow is that a strawberry milkshake?" and the other waitress says "Yes, would you care for one?" "But (Tom) just ordered one, and our waitress [Sadie] said there wasn't any.”

So Sadie ended up making Tom a strawberry milkshake.

“I really kinda didn't think anything of it, like it was a slight or anything, and it didn't stop me from tipping her either, before I left.”

That’s right, according to Tom, he DID tip Sadie, in cash. (which of course wouldn’t show up on a receipt.)

But before we get to that, we need to talk about the receipt. When you see the picture of it online, there is no “milkshake” charge on it. Only “2 canned drinks.” So Jess’ Lunch did not charge Tom and Ada for the milkshake. It was apparently free for them. In the surveillance video shown on WHSV, while Tom is waiting a couple of feet away from Ada as she’s signing the receipt (again, with her back to the camera), it’s pretty clear that Tom is drinking out of something that looks exactly like one of those plastic milkshake containers:

Tom, again, doesn’t think this was a big deal, but I do.

I’m going to theorize (again, pure speculation on my part) here that this milkshake thing is what triggered this entire episode. I see two possibilities:

1. Sadie didn’t want to make the milkshake (Again, they are a pain to make) so she told her customers the restaurant doesn’t have them. It was pointed out in front of Sadie that they actually did have milkshakes at the restaurant, after she just told her patron that they didn’t (Awkward!). Sadie didn’t charge the patrons for the milkshake because of the misunderstanding (which to the restaurant’s credit was probably the right move).

2. Sadie honestly believed that the restaurant was out of milkshakes (ice cream is finite material, after all). Honest mistake. She still felt silly not knowing that, and doesn’t charge them for it. (Also the right move.)

But the fact of the matter is, Tom was served a milkshake (one fact we actually DO have objective evidence of), and the restaurant didn’t charge him for it.